Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bailout Banks Behaving Badly: Ode to My Car

First Person: I'm Pre-Approved For an Auto Loan But I'm Keeping My Old Car
I received an unsolicited credit offer to buy a car, but I'm broke, underemployed, and $42K in debt...   Read More

As much as I want and need a new car, I was amazed to receive this snail mail credit offer because of...well, being broke and in the heck did I get pre-approved???

Writing the article was fun because it just seemed so absurd that a bank would do that and really -- how mean is it to offer a sparkly, brand new car to someone that can't afford it? 

Then, the more I thought about my old car (and recent repair bill that I couldn't afford either), I remembered one of my favorite karaoke songs...or I should say, karaoke performances...

A group that I used to work with were karaoke fanatics and would go to local Orlando karaoke bars once or twice a week. Now mind you I can't sing at all, but I went along a few times just because they used to rave about one lady who's lone karaoke stage song was  Adam Sandler's 'Ode to My Car'. It was said to be hilarious

Not familiar with the song, the group emailed a download to me to take a listen to Adam Sandler's original version before my karaoke bar initiation. It was hilarious, but also contains a heavy dose of the 7 dirty words...  The lady who did the 'Ode to My Car' karaoke was a fun, 60-something, almost-ready-to-retire sort and did do a ROFLMAO version.

So I had a brilliant idea to mention the song in the article, because my old car is almost as awful as Adam's tribute old car. So I went looking for a link to the song and things just got better...

Found a link on YouTube with an Adam Sandler live performance of it from an HBO special. Even better, the year of the performance was the same as the model year of my car!!!

How perfect was that! 

So, I wrote the last line of the article "I'll keep my old car...that's as old as this Adam Sandler 'Ode to My Car" video. 

But it didn't make it past the editors and was frickin deleted...sigh...  


  1. This is a great idea for a blog and I love your casual and funny style of writing. Very enjoyable keep it up. Looking forward to seeing an after make over pick.

    1. Thanks so much JP! The makeover was postponed, but hopefully it'll be rescheduled for next week.

  2. I love your blog and your writing style. It is so easy to read and very relatable. Banks are crazy, they keep sending my 16 year-old pre-approved credit cards (I hope he doesn't read this.) I need to take time tomorrow and read some of your older blogs.

  3. I play my favorite instrumental songs in my car most of the time. :) May I ask, what's the brand of your old car, Marla? Speaking of which, I've read on a news before that Adam Sandler gave away $200,000 worth of sportscars to the stars of the recent comedy movie he produced "Grown Ups" - pretty generous, huh, that's what to expect from Adam!