Saturday, February 4, 2012

Madonna... Superbowl... Will She or Won't She (wear these)???

Pantyhose is Glam Again: 5 Ways I Stretch My Sheer Tights Dollar

Wearing Leggy Looks like Beyonce, Princess Kate, the Kardashians, and Madonna on a Tight(s) Budget

Pantyhose is back in style! Cheap stockings can get expensive, not to mention the upscale brands, unless I use my easy, budget-saving, extended-wear pantyhose plan.

Preventing a pantyhose run was a daily obsession of mine 20-something years ago. Maintaining a yuppie "Dress to Impress" office look required pantyhose vigilance. But I was a Pantyhose Klutz! Read More

Update: YES she did, with thigh-high boots - a most excellent choice (so great that she took my advice---eyes rolling...)!

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  1. Great article. And yes you called it. You have an eye for alluring Fashion. Seeing Zooey DesChanel, Rihanna, Madonna, Miley, Katy Perry, Beyonce, The Saturdays, Lady Gaga, The Sugarbabes, Jesse J, Paris, Princess Daisy Lowe, Kate Middleton, etc all in lovely Pantyhose these days is just Sheer Heaven for Men that adore such gorgeous Legs (which is almost all of us - although how many would admit to it) :)