Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Dancing With The Stars Celebrity Wish Lists

5 Single Boomer Celebrities that should be on Dancing With The Stars
"DWTS" could transform these perpetually single baby boomers personal lives for the better and why it would be fun to watch them... Read More

5 Single Music Celebrities that should be on Dancing With The Stars
Divorced or long - time single, these Pop - Rock music stars might benefit from a go on the "DWTS" dance floor. Here's why...Read More


Rumors are that the next season's "Dancing with the Stars" cast announcement is due at the end of this month. None of my suggestions are in the buzz...sigh...

So these were my first two articles that were Featured Editor's Picks, meaning that they were selected by the Editor for prominent display on the front pages of the Yahoo! Voices sections for Entertainment, Television, and Music. How cool was that!! 

If you click the links, you'll see that there's one big pic on the top left and two smaller pics on the top right. The "5 Single Boomer Celebrities" was featured on the big top left for I don't remember how long exactly, but it was several days. Then it moved down to the "More Picks" list of featured articles lower down on the page. The editor helped bunches by adding the great dancers pic to the article! 

The "5 Single Music Celebrities" article was also featured, but not in the top section - just in the lower "More Picks" list. 

Getting an Editor's Pick spot was a big boon to both my newbie self-confidence and page views. They were assignments that I'd picked up from the Voices Assignment Desk, rather than being unsolicited submissions (although those are welcome too).

Some Assignment Desk articles receive Upfront Payment on publication (mine have been in the $5 - $10 range) and monthly Performance Page View (PPV) payments (starts at $1.50 per 1K page views and goes up).  For more info, the Yahoo! Contributor Network FAQ page is the best place to have a looksee.  

I'd had pretty sad page view counts up to this point, so I was going for popular search terms that I thought might help pick things up a bit. I'm not shy about celebrity name dropping for page views, so I gave a go and it worked pretty well! 

And - I really am a long-time fan of "Dancing with the Stars" so the words just flowed.

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