Friday, February 24, 2012

Through the Looking Glass: Guide Dog Puppy at the Zoo

A Dog's Day at the Zoo 
The poem was inspired by this photo of a Guide Dog puppy in a training session at the zoo.

Puppies in training…a day at the zoo 

They have a job… to learn how to do 
Be eyes and ears - for others in need 

Of a guide dog to help - them to succeed 
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I LOVE this photo! If I were going to write a children's book, it'd be the cover. Found the photo when I took an assignment from the Yahoo! Contributor Network Desk to write a poem based on an image. Although there's no upfront payment involved, the poem assignments are one of my favorites because they get me into more of a creative thinking (and writing) zone. 

This pic had so many ways to go for a concept to poeticize like "Let's Do Lunch...or Not" or "How Much is that Big Kitty in the Window?" or "You Ain't Nothin' but a Cheetah"or "What chyou Lookin' At?"... corny stuff like that. Ultimately went with a two-sides of the fence glass of "working critters" theme.

Some animal advocates are really against zoos, but I'm not so sure that born free and living in the rough and tough wild is all that great either. Yet I'm an advocate for saving rain forests and wildlife sanctuaries and all that stuff, but I've always liked zoos too. Although I certainly don't advocate caged living, Jack Hanna and other zoo-keeper folks seem to be effective animal welfare advocates.

So the poem explores a few thoughts about animal roles in the zoo and as human helpers. Hope you enjoy it!



  1. Love the picture, I wonder what they think of each other.

  2. Love the photo, especially after my recent article on guide dogs! Thanks for the comment and your willingness to volunteer for a cause I feel so strongly about! Keep up the good work and keep the articles coming!